Lit on Deadline publishes weekly on Mondays at 7.11 a.m., with occasional interim payments during the week, primarily on Wednesdays. Grab some java and get lit.

This blog is meant to snag those evasive butterflies of the mind—ideas—before they flutter off into the ether of nonexistence. If any of these butterflies alight in a reader’s window, then the experience will indeed be a shared one.

Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson is a nonfiction essayist, a lecturer at Johns Hopkins University, and the author of Literature on Deadline (Celumbra/Pacific Isle Publishing 2007). She is a former staff writer for The Miami Herald, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, and Johns Hopkins Magazine. Her foreign correspondence has appeared in The American Journalism Review, Baltimore Sun, and elsewhere. Her literary essays have been featured in Style, Utne Reader, Creative Nonfiction, and Letters to J.D. Salinger (University of Wisconsin Press), as well as the collection Signs of Life in the USA. (Bedford/St. Martin’s 2009) Cavanaugh Simpson earned her bachelor’s degree at the University of Maryland and her M.A. from Hopkins’ Writing Seminars. She is a nonfiction editor at The Baltimore Review.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ms. Cavanaugh Simpson,

    I am writing after reading your highly entertaining and compelling article in the Wednesday, December 28, 2009 edition of the Baltimore Sun entitled, “Can we please say “Good riddance” to goody bags?” I read the whole thing out loud to my wife over dinner, and we are both on board with you. Thanks!

  2. We’re trying to reach you to let you know that you were nominated for this year’s Mobbies. Find information about it here: http://bsun.md/tAUqm4


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