The Weather Channel vs. Verizon, Brilliant Consumer Work-Around

Note from a savvy Weather Channel fan, who found a way around Verizon FiOS’  anti-consumer snap decision:

“I already switched to Direct TV to get the TWC. Where I live we have no cable, so to get internet I had to remain with Verizon. What I did was change my bundle to the one with the lowest number of channels and then returned all of my boxes. This move saved me $160 in contract termination costs and was cheaper than getting just internet and land-line. Add in the Direct TV and my monthly bill will be less than what I was paying Verizon. Additionally the picture is much better, so is the remote and the installation was a breeze. The remote has a little red button that when pressed takes you immediately to the local forecast so you don’t even have to wait for the 8’s!- or change channels. I did have to pay $100 for installation, but in a few months I will have recouped that loss – and Sam and Jim are back to get me ready in the morning. When I returned my Verizon boxes, I was asked why and, when I told them TWC, the young lady said, “Verizon just doesn’t get it – we’ve had hundreds of complaints.” — M.D.


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