Weather Wars: ‘AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions’ Puts CEOs Over Regular Joes for Tornado Warning–in the wake of TWC canning by Verizon

People have been talking about the weather for millennia—from cave-side campfires to company break rooms. But the one source that always leaves us with something to talk about, The Weather Channel (TWC), has been yanked by Verizon FiOs, leaving its 5 million subscribers in the dark.

What’s going on? What’s behind all this?

Read my consumer protest op-ed today in The Baltimore Sun:

Perhaps even worse: Weather Wars are risking people’s lives. AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions, which offers advance weather alerts to big businesses to help produce ‘higher revenues and/or lower costs with reduced risk’ is lambasting The Weather Service for not issuing a tornado warning in Moore, OK on March 25, while bragging about giving its ‘commercial clients’ a 15-minute advance warning—yet that same tornado warning apparently DID NOT appear for the general public watching the AccuWeather TV network on Verizon FiOS. Big bucks over regular folks? Criminal negligence? See March 27 Washington Post ‘Capital Weather Gang’ blog that mentions, yet buries this paradox.