By the Whites of Her Eyes

I saw a woman the other day walking in a full burka, the thick black cloth covering everything but her heavily mascara-ed eyes. She was power-walking next to her husband (or brother), who was wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

Hanging around her neck was one bright spot, a smart phone jostling and flashing reflections of the ambient light.

So many ironies.


Blinded by Blue Light

I was at a park yesterday where you could swing your arms around, feeling the circumference of the sky, the full 360 degrees.

A Simpsons-cloud sky day was giving way to a brilliant sunset, as red as fire coral stretched across the horizon.

Yet tons of people did not even see it. They were looking down, locked in the glow of their cell phones.

In 10 minutes, it was gone.

iWatch or Apple Watch News? Sound the Snooze Alarm…

Alas, I was hoping the vaunted iWatch or the recently announced Apple Watch would be a standalone device. Can’t someone please get this tech right? The beauty of a wearable devices should be its simplicity–not the need to carry a phone AND a watch AND Bluetooth gear to function as a state-of-the-art device.

Let’s go for real hands-free, car-synced communication–no phone or phablet required. Or get a quick weather check with a flick of the wrist. A tight text or two without a dive into the pocket or purse.

The time, anyone?


Apple Watch specs: Due out in early 2015, cost $349, square clock face, two likely sizes. Low on style; Can use to pay at stores, otherwise not so groundbreaking compared to other cellphone-parasitic not-quite-smart-enough watches like the Samsung Galaxy Gear or Motorola’s Moto 360. I hear Samsung is working on a standalone this fall, but battery life is still the big question.*Sigh*