Experimental Forms

Lists. Recipes. Google Map essays. YouTube story videos. Serial tweets. Hermit crab stories. Micromemoir. Flash fiction or nonfiction. These are all contemporary experimental forms of writing. I was on a kicky writer’s panel at the Conversations & Connections Conference this past weekend in D.C. and here is a cool list of journals that publish alternative forms of writing:

Brevity, Sweet, PANK, Hobart, Slice, The Collagist, The Normal School, Diagram, Prick of the Spindle, Paper Darts, Barrelhouse, while other journals, such as Tin House or The Fourth River, also seek out new voices and styles.

Courting danger by going out on a geek limb, I”m sending links to two story-born YouTube videos I’ve done in collaboration with my theater-poet, science editor, natural-born comic husband. For what it is:

Big Man, Little Man: The Clay-mation Movie

Pandora Cruise: The Bermuda Triangle



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