Overheard at a Towson bagel shop

At the table next to me: “I had just a half  ‘a mixed drink in the car on the way there.”

My ears perked up—-their conversation, loud-enough to hear, fair game. The young woman, wearing college garb (black-and-gold hoodie and leggings), described that Saturday night.

“I know I didn’t drink that much, but my words were slurred, and I was falling off the stool. I know I was drugged. I didn’t drink that much,” she said. “When I went to the gym the next day I felt sick and threw up.”

Any discussion of goings-on later in the night was reduced to whispers. But the core of the conversation heated up: date-rape drugs.

“What kind of drugs do they use?” one young woman asked. “SSRIs? Tranquilizers?” She asked again, and then again.

But no one answered.

Ruffiie (Rohypnol ) is the official answer. The fear is real. Yet there’s an even bigger issue: The high-octane, fruit-juiced grain alcohol in all those red Solo cups might be the more insidious culprit. Go ask Alice, when she’s not 10-feet tall.


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