No Accounting for Taste

So, I walked over to Trader Joe’s today (in 15 degree weather!) because it’s National APPetizer Day. Yum, I thought. I can try out a few mini hotdogs or feta and ham pastries. There was a big sign listing delicious appetizers, and lots of little paper footballs handing from the ceiling by strings.

But where’s the food?

“It’s an APP,” said the guy behind the sample counter. “You can download it and get menu ideas for The Super Bowl.”

Not wanting to sound un-hip, I said, “Oh, an APP.” (I of course know what an APP is), but meanwhile all I was thinking was You mean there is no actual food? No tapas-style treats to lift me out of my winter morning blues?

I love T.J.s, but I think they might want to rethink this promo. Why make a “National Day” of it. I’m sure the APP could be downloadable tomorrow. I went home and checked the ‘invite,’ which notes ‘Whet your APPetite . .

With T.J.’s Appetizer Tastings and even Super Special Surprises.”


As a plaintive post-millennial Pooh Bear might say, “There’s no APP for a grumbly tummy.”


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