Egg Freezing: Putting Motherhood On Ice

By J. Cavanaugh Simpson

Kathleen wants her own children, but hasn’t yet found a life partner—just after her 40th birthday she had her ovarian eggs frozen in hopes of preserving her fertility.

Brigitte heard about egg freezing but discovered scarce info online—so, after undergoing the procedure, she launched a national advocacy website last year called

And Carolyn, who got married at 39, suffered two miscarriages before using eggs she had frozen. At 41, she got pregnant with twins—one of a handful of such pregnancies over-40 nationwide.

These women are early adopters of a newly improved fertility technology known as oocyte vitrification, a flash-freezing of ovarian eggs. An experimental label for the procedure was recently lifted, making the banking of women’s eggs increasingly viable and popular.

Yet the social experiment of delaying motherhood via egg freezing has prompted some to ask: Will women in their 20s and 30s put motherhood on ice, purchasing costly fertility plans while pursuing careers or avoiding marriage?

That’s the 2.0 version of the Amazonian myth, these women say. And noise from critics wouldn’t stop them from freezing their eggs, anyway, because the sound of the biological clock ticking is much, much louder.

See the full story in this month’s issue of Style Magazine. 


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