Censor Me Happy

I’m a big fan of classic film, mostly pre-1970s flicks, before the shift to super-realist violence and pedestrian/obvious sex.

Most of the movies from the Twenties through the early 1960s, oddly enough thanks to the censoring limits of the Hayes Code, are also pretty good fare for family filmfests at our house.

The ‘ick factor’ at least is pretty low. No ‘F’ or even ‘S words.’ No semen jokes. No gory, blood-splattered gunplay. Consider the likes of Abbot & Costello’s Rio Rita, with it slapstick scenarios and wacky wordplay. Then there’s the all-time great adventure movie The Adventures of Robin Hood, starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland: great raucous fun, with more than a dash of chivalry and on-screen chemistry. Or the iconic musical, Singing in the Rain, which is funnier than one might think.

The only ‘ick’ factor for these films and others, according to my son is: “Why does there have to be romance?

But I’ll take a soft kiss and embrace from our pop culture any day.


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