They cannot have died in vain

 I needed to come back from my blog break to spread a Call-to-Action for our congressional leaders to bring us back from the brink:

The Newtown shootings cannot stand unchallenged. Please do everything in your power to provide more logical gun restrictions. We have been under assault in recent years and—at the very, very least—bans on assault-style rifles, etc. must be reinstated or further expanded.

Guns do kill people, and semiautomatic guns kill more.

There also needs to be additional legal, judicial, and police-aided options available to people who know of a troubled or dangerous person in their family or community, similar to the Baker Act in Florida (which allows for temporary commitment for those who are a risk to themselves or others), etc.

In addition, public outreach must encourage people to recognize the signs of mental illness, as well as anger and isolation or other pathologies, and to take stricter precautions with even ‘locked-up’ weaponry, a Public Service Announcement along the lines of: When in doubt, get the guns out of the house. 

See my Baltimore Sun letter to the editor and contacts below:

Sen. Ben Cardin —

Sen. Barbara Mikulski —

Rep. John Sarbanes —

Gov. Martin O’Malley —

State Sen. Jim Brochin —

I’m also sending to general Congressional Representatives John Boehner ((, Nancy Pelosi, etc. Anyone with a list of on-the-fence or reluctant Congressional leaders? Let me know. Republicans too. 

The drum beat needs to be overwhelming to overcome the avalanche of NRA e-mails that stopped, for instance, a ban on 30-round ammunition magazines  in Connecticut. Just the kind used in the shootings by the son of a legal gun collector.


Holiday Break

Just wanted to let y’all know that Lit on Deadline is on a holiday break. See you in the New Year! If the Mayans were wrong, that is.