PTSD: Post-Traumatic Storm Disorder

So I was out at Fresh Market today and one of the employees looked a bit rattled.

“It looks pretty cloudy out. I haven’t checked the weather today . . . ”

Turns out that he had lost power after the derecho for more than a week, and the gloomy sky was giving him flashbacks. I told him the forecast just called for a light drizzle, but that I too still had my freezer half full of ice– just in case.

And I know we’re among thousands of regional residents suffering from a sort of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder after the latest rounds of power outages. We did not lose electricity this time, but were without power for seven days after Hurricane Irene, and in lock-down mode during the twin storms of Snowmageddon. A tree in our front yard dropped a megabranch on our new car after an overnight thunderstorm. Any new round of storms often brings on anxiety, jitteriness, trouble sleeping, and/or incessant Weather Channel checks. Essentially, as PTSD often goes, it’s hard to get out of survival mode.

And the way things are going lately climate-wise, maybe survival mode is the new normal.


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