When “The Sun” Doesn’t Shine

I looked forward to reading Dan Rodricks’ Baltimore Sun column on ‘annoyances’ last Thursday–all set to sip caffeine and commiserate with his curmudgeonly commentary.

After reading a few of his personal irritants (and wondering, ‘where’s the funny?’), I found a reference to speed cameras, specifically the one on North Charles Street near Notre Dame of Maryland University in Baltimore. Thanks for highlighting this ridiculous trap for drivers. Supposedly a School Zone (since when are college kids elementary age-minded?), there is no crosswalk anywhere near this speed camera. One would be more logical near the traffic light at Coldspring Lane, though the light itself slows drivers down.

This is clearly a money-making endeavor. I know. I got my first ticket there right around Christmastime. Rodricks also notes that Notre Dame’s new name is an odd choice, and he asks why it’s not Notre Dame University of Maryland. The short version of the school’s name would then be NDUM, referencing a more likely moniker for this speed camera.


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