Where the Jobs Are

You’d think, after watching reality TV, that our current sub-conomy has led us to a fascination with the employed. Tons of shows now center on people at work, and mostly hard labor jobs at that: There’s Ice Truckers, Coast Guard Alaska, Turbine Cowboys, Ice Pilots, Lifeguard, Swamp People, Gold Rush, Ax Men, etcetera. The fad could be a new form of vicarious exercise or a working class-celebrity subgenre.

And now a new show is being launched, a la Pawn Stars, at Robbie’s First Base in Timonium, Md. It’s set to be called Ball Boys, a show which “follows the sports memorabilia business at iconic Robbie’s,” according to the store’s website, “and the charming family-like relationships of the sports fanatics who work there – Robbie Sr., Junior, Sweet Lou, and Shaggy.” Yet, we wonder, will Ball Boys offer the oddball retail drama of L.A. Ink or the how-much-is-it-really-worth lottery of The Antiques Roadshow or American Pickers? Who will play the sardonic doofus-type, Chumley, of Pawn Stars fame? (I’m betting on Shaggy).

And. who would’ve thunk–in the new millennium–that just having a job trading baseball cards, chopping down trees, or hand-catching catfish while cursing would make one a Star?


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