For those of you following Lit on Deadline, I’ve got great news: Our literary project and online journal has just been launched.
3QR: The Three Quarter Review—Poetry & Prose > 75 percent True.   Check it out at

The inaugural issue features poetry, essays, and prose pieces that are intense or funny–or both. Our writers stretch out, capturing the essence of realist writing without categories (Is it fiction? Is it nonfiction? What is truth?). There’s no betrayal for readers, who are often left wondering about the infallibility of memory or observation; or, in fiction, whether some things ‘really happened.’ 3QR instead creates a Fifth Genre: The Three Quarter True Story. You can read my genre-busting 3QR essay on the subject for more deets, and check out our submission guidelines under About 3QR: Contact. 

Here’s the new flyer:


Meg the Muse

Was there really a cherubim waiting at the star-watching rock, curled up into a great feathery ball, all those eyes closed in sleep?
Was he real?
What is real?

— A Wind in the Door, by Madeleine L’Engle

American Made

There she was, a pixie-ish highlighted blonde sitting amidst a table of older men having coffee at Atwaters. They wore Harley-Davidson gear: leather vests, wristbands, T-shirts, etcetera. She, too, sported a black Harley T.

“Well, it’s great getting together,” she said. “You know that piece I did on D___ about Vietnam Vets. It’s up for an Emmy.”

“Is it something you wrote?” one guy asked.

“No . . . for TV,” she said.

The Reality of the situation was up for interpretation. She, a perfectly pedicured, toney Towsonite type. They, a grizzled and grayed gang of sorts. Either way, I saw nary a Hog parked anywhere outside.