Ode to Random Twinkle

A few years ago we bought a Christmas lawn decoration labeled ‘Random Twinkle Snowman.’

Ever since, he’s been known as Random Twinkle. And the kids know the Season is here when we bring him down from the attic to join the light display in front of our house. After years of service, however, his thin plastic face is bashed in and taped back together after all the falls in the wind. His red scarf is often askew, and his plastic ear muffs unplugged.

“We need to fix his ear shovels!” my son said one year.

Alas, this year Random Twinkle lost his twinkle. First his body stopped lighting up, then his head. He’s currently out front for his last Christmas, a string of white lights draped around him like a necklace.

My kids, feeling a bit down, wanted to write a story to immortalize him somehow. Santa wanted to build a new Random Twinkle, my son began, and so he got his elves in Santa’s Workhouse to start building . . .

“Santa’s Workhouse?” my daughter said. “That sounds like Oliver Twist.”

These are the Christmas moments I want to immortalize.


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