Why I Don’t Facebook . . .

I look around and see all the blank stares and slack jaws. Even my son, as he watched my husband gazing at the screen (not actually facebooking; just very briefly lost in cyberspace): “Daddy! Your face is locked on the computer!”

I know there are LOTS of social opportunities and LOL moments. Yet I can barely keep up with all of the social connections and obligations I have now. Besides, I like to actually Laugh Out Loud.

Then there’s the privacy worries and stalker-ready freakiness of Facebook that sets off all the Science Fiction alarm bells from all those stories I read as a teen. Facebook is just too Centrally Controlled for my liking, way too Big Bro.(f  that!). And, what’s even creepier—nearly everyone I know saying I just HAVE TO get a facebook page. I. JUST. HAVE. TO.

“Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” anyone?’ So yea, I am afraid. Very afraid.

And, I know, I know — in most cases it’s all just innocuous fun and such. But the Facebook FaceLock simply seems too much like a soul suck for me.


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