Green Meanies

So, I’ve been a little under-the-weather lately, and some things have just fallen by the wayside. Like “Waste-Free Wednesdays” at my daughter’s elementary school.

On Wednesdays, we are supposed to pack lunches that create No Trash — no plastic baggies, no wrappers, not even paper napkins. I’m usually happy to oblige and have even purchased those cool, Bento-box-like cubes from Old Navy that have compartments for snacks and a snap-able sandwich zone. (The only trade off with these is that the non-Ziploc-bagged items often get stale by lunchtime–as my husband quipped, “Ah, the taste of political correctness.” And, well, we still have to throw away the snack wrappers at home).

Well, my daughter came home the other day. “Mom, you know Wednesdays are waste-free . . .  . . but that’s okay,” she said, sympathetic to my plight. “So then, I got to go up on stage and show off my plastic baggie as an example of ‘waste,’ and they videotaped me for a video they’re making about waste . . . ”

Great. All of my green-guilt-prompted scurrying around most weeks to find food or snacks without wrappers (Which I do despise, btw, especially the unrecyclable Capri Sun astro juice packs) has gone unnoticed, and my slip-up moment has been immortalized forever next to my daughter’s proudly beaming face.

Thanks bunches. And, well . . .  what a waste of my non-too-available energy.


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