Kardashian Karma

The Baltimore Sun‘s Susan Reimer really nailed it the other day with her column (Nov. 3) on those wacky celebrity charlatans, The Kardashians, with the split-so-soon Big News after that $multi-mil$-televised ‘fairy-tale’ wedding. Notes Reimer, re: Kim K. and New Jersey Nets power forward Kris Humphries.

“If Kris had been playing ball instead of getting on Kim’s nerves with his plans to ‘brand’ himself with a publicist, a line of cologne, nightclub appearances for pay and, I don’t know, a line of handbags, the marriage might have lasted longer than the 72 days it took for her to tire of the unsophisticated hunk. She’s sad. He’s shocked.”

We shouldn’t be. Can’t we recognize Pop Culture Ponzi schemers when we see them? The question we should be asking ourselves: Just what is reality TV and what is fairy tale? Grimm’s-style, that is.


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