The Hons Have It

Cafe Hon owner Denise Whiting, after nearly a year of controversy (including a dressing-down on this blog), has finally relinquished her trademark claim to the word, “Hon.” “I’ll take it off the register,” Whiting told The Baltimore Sun (see today’s Sun online at “It was never mine to have in the first place.”

Whiting had claimed that her businesses, including Cafe Hon, were a “brand” she needed to protect by trademarking the actual word ‘Hon,’ favored by diner waitresses and those of us who grew up within 50-plus miles of Charm City. But, soon after, Baltimoreans of all walks balked, including those who protested outside her Hampden business, which she notes has suffered: “I am sorry for the animosity and the hatred and everything that trademarking a word has done.”

Finally, sanity and plain ole good sense have won out in this non-too-small tempest on the Avenue. And, good thing, too. Terms of endearment are simply to hard to come by. They should be shared, willingly.


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