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Hey there: Ginormmous news! 😉

Lit on Deadline has been nominated for a Baltimore Sun Mobbies Award–a best-of the local blogs contest, the third annual. My blog is in the  ‘uncategorized’ category. I know. An oxymoron.

Yet, since LOD is not just a personal column, with the blog’s teaching and writing edge, Uncat is where I ended up. Check it out and get out the vote if you can at the Sun’s Mobbies site or

I have to say, I’ve got some pretty stiff competition from the likes of:

A Healthy Dialogue The President and CEO of GBMC HealthCare, John Chessare, M.D., updates his blog every Friday.

Cody and Martin have a Website

Deep Ad Thoughts A blog about advertising and marketing brought to you by The Cyphers Agency

Energy4Business (Constellation Energy) Blog with national and regional energy news and market insight

The Pinehurst Land Rover Society and

Unsolicited Drivel Your Internet source for informed misinformation.

The one I’m most worried about, however, is the  Girl Scouts of Central Maryland Blog Stories of girls in your community who are making the world a better place!

Who can go up against the Girl Scouts and win? Help me out here. On the off chance I take home a Mobbie, I think I get to go to a party with free food and drink. And I could use a night out.

Thank you for your support.



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