Call for Submissions: Writing Contest

The Baltimore Review is running a contest for fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry written to the theme: Room. As noted from the Review, where I’m an editor:

Room Now what do we mean by that? Use the word “room” as a launch pad to whatever destination it sends you. Use it as a noun. Use it as a verb. Use any definition of the word you’d like. But the theme should be an integral part of your entry. Deadline Nov. 30 See details here

So, as a writing prompt in my Hopkins grad students’ Thesis Course recently, we wrote for 10 minutes to this theme. My own pen-to-paper post follows:


The square in front of me is a room in my view,

a portal to clouds of bits and bytes

of sites and posts and photo galleries

of YouTube fragments in virtual time:

Captured and viewed and linked and Tweeted,

visited and revisited 2,083 times and

shared and liked and liked again,

with no physical touch at all.

— Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson


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