The Panic Before the Storm

I love watching shoppers prepare for a storm, partly to see what they consider  “emergency items.”

What, for example, is up with all the milk? Or frozen food? Isn’t  the main worry in most places simply power outages? These are some of the things on my list pre-Hurricane Irene: batteries (bought early at the slightest mention of a storm), bread (already cleaned out by today), peanut butter & jelly (industrial size–we won’t starve at least), ice (3 bags), and, of course, jugs of water.

  • A few more essentials:  A bag of Granny Smith apples and other fresh fruit
  •  A Dark Chocolate Lover’s Chocolate Bar from Trader Joe’s
  •  Wild pink salmon in peel-up cans (TJs) & crackers.
  •  Cans of Sterno (Two; I should probably get more, but the stuff scares me).
  •  Four gallons of bleach, one bottle rubbing alcohol, two large hand sanitizer bottles (hurricanes and floods get messy, and so do semi- or non-working showers and toilets).
  •  One box Hostess Ho-Hos snack cakes.
  •  A Spider Sense Spiderman Jumbo Coloring & Activity book for my son and Moments in History Word Find book for my daughter. Posterboard. Library books. Anything that can be utilzed by  daylight or flashlight.
  •  And, lastly, hot dogs, waterproof matches, and the makings of ‘smores  (more chocolate!) in case we need to make a campfire in the back yard.
So, what’s on your list?

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