Earthquake Rocks My World

So now I have to worry about earthquakes too!??

Check out what happened moments ago in our area, actually the whole East Coast:

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake centered northwest of Richmond, Va., shook much of Washington, D.C., and was felt as far north as Rhode Island and New York City.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the earthquake was 3.7 miles deep. Shaking was felt at the White House and all over the East Coast, as far south as Chapel Hill, N.C. Parts of the Pentagon, White House and Capitol were evacuated. The quake was in Mineral, Va., in Louisa County. —

Our entire house outside Baltimore shook. I was resting in front of the TV and thought my son was shaking the couch. Half asleep, I looked around and heard a whrrrrrrr sound and glass rattling. I looked outside because I thought there was a tornado (we’ve had to worry about those in the Mid-Atlantic region lately too!) but it was sunny. I opened the basement door to listen for our furnace, thinking maybe it was ready to blow. Finally, my son and I switched on The Weather Channel and caught the breaking news, just in: Earthquake Rocks Washington, D.C.

Cell phones were tied up. I got hold  of my husband, who led the evacuation out of his high-rise office building downtown. Funny thing is: I left Florida partly because of hurricanes, after witnessing the devastation of Hurricane Andrew. I’ve stayed away from my husband’s hot native state of Texas partly because of tornadoes. And I always felt a twinge of relief that I didn’t live in sunny California either.

Maybe this shake-up will allow me to follow the sun, because the earth under my feet is no longer solid, or so stolid.


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