Who Let the Dogs Out?

Recently—in the rich-yet-raggedy neighborhood of Ruxton, north of Baltimore—there has risen an outcry over a mansion being bought by Sheppard Pratt Health System, a psychiatric in-patient hospital in Towson. The purpose: to create a sort of toney halfway house in an erstwhile residential neighborhood, a house where patients recovering from ailments such as anxiety, eating disorders, or drug addiction (pharmaceutical and otherwise) can purportedly ease back into post-rehab life.

Irony is: The relatively new mega-home replaced a somewhat quaint bungalow where various local luminaries once gathered for cocktails and such, including (apparently) F. Scott Fitzgerald and even his wife, Zelda, who was treated at Sheppard Pratt after suffering from alcoholism and schizophrenia, according to various reports.

Ruxton neighbors from the 1920s would likely have been more welcoming to such celebrity re-habbers. Then again, perhaps not.  F.Scott and Zelda were infamous for their antics, once crashing a Hollywood producer’s home—on all fours and barking like dogs.

Upon getting inside, Zelda went upstairs and took a bath.


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