Kosha Mapping

The other day, I led both of my children through kosha mapping, a yogic process that helps yoga students focus on various planes of awareness: physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. Pulling out a box of markers, I drew the outline of their bodies as they lay on the backs of grocery bags taped together.

Excited, they seemed to have an intuitive understanding of the process, drawing both the physical sensations of breath (cool blue), and the saturated reds of warmth and energy, as well as a sense of these things—jagged lines for legs restless to move, a pale wash on feet light and ready to leap, and tight circles for pain that started with chapped skin on a hand, but went up through the arm in a squiggly line.

They scribbled whirls of energy in their hearts—my daughter’s a bit sad that day, with a line of happiness, and my son’s full of love. My daughter also drew blockages in airways that interfered with her breath—she has a cough. They both Magic Marked energetic globes for the energy centers in their brains.

(And they especially loved the third eye!)

It was great to see their minds work beyond the physicality of concrete existence, and for them to be able to express what they feel and think by seeing themselves through new filters.


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