In the End

“In the end, the only thing you ever really have is your story. I’m just trying to live a good one.” – The Hugh Jackman character in the “epic film” Australia


OJ by Any Other Name


100 percent vitamin D * Orange-flavored citrus punch (with other natural flavors) . . .

Glaceau Vitamin Water

120 percent vitamin D * Orange-orange flavored + other natural flavors . . .

Okay, so SunnyD contains sodium hexametaphosphate (whatever that is) and Vitamin Water has a few extra vitamins (less than 0.5 %). But really . . . consider:

Water vs. Reverse Osmosis Water?

Corn syrup vs. crystalline fructose and cane sugar?

And then there’s the truly common ground: modified food starch.

What’s the diff?

Well, you can buy a 48-oz. bottle of SunnyD for about one dollar. And Vitamin Water might cost $2.79 for 20 oz. Do the corporate math. Therein, lies the real margin.