It’s here! The full-color iPad tablet and, apparently, it’s a beauty. Hopefully, some of the killer apps will resuscitate the media. Thanks, Steve.

See The New York Times: All The News That’s Fit to Tab

The iPad is “a device that sits between the laptop and the smart phone – and which does certain things better than both of them, like browsing the Web, reading e-books and playing video. There was enormous anticipation leading up to its release on Jan. 27, 2010. Media companies hoped that the device would finally lead to a viable way for them to charge for news, books and other material.

The iPad’s features and specifications, once the stuff of Internet myth, are now sharply in focus: The half-inch thick, 1.5-pound device will feature a 9.7-inch multi-touch screen and is powered by a customized Apple microchip, which it has dubbed A4. The iPad will have the same operating system as the iPhone and access to its 140,000 applications.”


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