An Open Letter to Steve Jobs

Dear Steve,

I read a column in The New York Times the other day that implored you to create a tablet that could download magazine and newspaper subscriptions like apps, a sophisticated e-reader of sorts.

“What the world is waiting for,” the Times’ David Carr recently keened to an Apple exec, “is a lightweight device that has a backlit, four-color screen big enough to comfortably read.”

Hear! Hear! I’ve been keening for the same. Millions of us, in fact, would love to read articles and view images on something other than a 2-inch-by-3-inch palm-size screen or an unwieldy laptop. And we’ll pay to do so. You of all people know that cheap apps are all the rage.

Apparently, Steve, you’re making a big product announcement later this month, perhaps along these lines. An iSlate? An iMag? Or an iGutenberg?

Whether this product fills the niche, or evolves, I have a few requests to add to Carr’s plea:

Please make your 21st century slate beautiful—easy to read and lovely to the touch. Let it be as slim as New York Magazine and as colorful as a full-page Vogue advertisement.  We love to look at Vogue advertisements. And please, please make it a pleasure to hold, a superlight Uber magazine that doesn’t make us hunch over like Monkish scribes chained to scrolls.

Readers will hold it, read it, show it off. Advertisers will love it. And journalism might survive into the next century.


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