Things I Hate #1

A Tribute to 10th Century Author Sei Shonagon, who wrote “Hateful Things”

I hate it when parents loudly provide their children with private Montessori-style lessons in the grocery store, up and down each aisle. (Emphasize: LOUDLY). “Did you find the gluten-free bread? GOOD! Let’s put it in your mini shopping cart . . .”

So self-important, self-indulgent, and simply annoying.


One thought on “Things I Hate #1

  1. Yvonne Battle-Felton says:

    As a parent who provides my children with semi-private Montessori-style lessons in the grocery store while traipsing up and down each aisle, I had to laugh.

    In my defense–I’m cheap.

    The world is my classroom, people provide amazing subject material. I haven’t purposely purchased gluten-free anything–ever! (Though fat-free has sometimes slipped into the cart) and on the rare occasions where my voice exceeds one of my children’s, it’s typically so people don’t have to hear my 4 year old announce, ‘Mommy, look at the little old lady!’ as we pass–well, little old ladies.

    I could vow from this moment forward to never hold another Montessori-style lesson between the rows of chicken, hen, and organic eggs.

    But, I’ll stick to the truth and vow to never purchase gluten-free bread—unless it turns out it’s really yummy.

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