Beauty Secret

I recently read an ad in the New York Times Magazine with the headline: “Vanity. Can It Save Your Life?”

Of course, the flashy text offered a regimen of skincare products cleverly known as “The Wrinkle Cure.” Long a staple for the world’s most beautiful and famous faces. Their secret can now be yours . . .

There were no prices listed, but New York Times + famous faces = caaaching$$$! I’d like to offer a less expensive beauty secret. A real call to action. And it may sound a bit simplistic and a tad unwieldy, but women’s self-esteem worldwide would be boosted.

Ban all fluorescent lights above bathroom mirrors—at home, at work, in malls, airports, or restaurants. They are fluor-evil. Consider how the greenish, white overhead glow creates that unflattering horror-film look—the dark circles, bloodless pallor, spooky shadows, wicked queen-turned-horrid hag wrinkles.

Instead, install soft white lights (though energy-saving ones) alongside mirrors. Presto! Look 10 years younger! Wrinkles disappear instantly! Skin tone improves within seconds! No more dark circles or under-eye puffiness!

This décor update would make women feel better about themselves during their 30-second checkups in bathroom mirrors, avoiding that internal sigh of resignation at perceived flaws.

People, after all, don’t walk around with fluorescent bulbs above their heads.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, who’s the fairest?


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