Dinosaurs and Pirates

I’ve often wondered: Why are children so obsessed with dinosaurs and pirates?

Perhaps it’s because both species are scary and yet extinct, so the experience of pretending to be in their by-gone worlds is a lot like being an adult watching horror flicks—there’s the fear-rush of adrenaline, yet the bad guys can’t really touch you. (Yes, there’s been a spate of modern day pirates stalking ships off the coast of Somalia and the specter of dinosaur cloning in Dino Lab and other near-reality Science Fiction. So far, those are adult worries).

The pairing of pretend pirates and dinosaurs for my kids seems more apropos because children, themselves, have a knack for being unsocialized mercenaries and natural predators. They like to dress up in the latest pirate couture or just stomp through big weeds and roar.


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